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10th Annual "Empty Manger" Caroling Day in Chicagoland

Posted by Matt Yonke on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

CarolingThe Pro-Life Action League is proud to announce our 10th annual "Empty Manger" Christmas Caroling day Saturday, December 22.

Each year, the League brings the light of Christmas to the darkness of the abortion facility by singing the songs of Christmas right outside their doors.

Join us this year for two tours, one in Chicago and one in DuPage county to make your Advent a pro-life one. [Continue reading . . . »]

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Great Turnout at League's Pro-Life Action Day

Posted by Matt Yonke on Monday, November 19th, 2012
Eric Schiedler addresses pro-lifers at picket

Eric Scheidler addresses pro-lifers at the picket of Albany abortion facility in Chicago [Photo by John Jansen]

It's been said that "All politics is local."  The same is true of pro-life activism.

If we want abortion to end, we have to fight it where it happens: in our own local communities, in season and out of season.

On Saturday, November 17, the Pro-Life Action League sponsored two concurrent protests: one outside of Albany Medical-Surgical Center, a late-term abortion facility on Chicago's Northwest Side, and one outside of Planned Parenthood's "Abortion Fortress" in Aurora, Illinois.

Huge Crowd Packs Sidewalks around Late Term Abortion Mill

November 17 was a fitting day to protest abortion in Chicago, as it was the third anniversary of the enactment of a "Bubble Zone" outside Chicago abortion clinics–an unjust law that has been used to harass pro-life activists since Day One. [Continue reading . . . »]

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Mourdock's Right: God Knows and Loves Babies Conceived in Rape

Posted by Eric Scheidler on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
The Work of His Hands © Gary B Clark 

The Work of His Hands, Copyright © Gary B Clark

Abortion proponents and their friends in the mainstream media are going ballistic over a comment yesterday by Richard Mourdock, a Republican running for senate in Indiana. In explaining his pro-life position during a candidate's debate, Mourdock said, "Life is a gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Immediately after the debate, Mourdock's Democrat opponent, Joe Donnelly, tried to construe Mourdock's remark as some kind of endorsement of rape, as if Mourdock meant that the violent act—rather than the child's life—was intended by God.

That spin—which Mourdock rightly called "sick and twisted"—has been seized upon by Planned Parenthood and the Democratic party to attack Mourdock and, by extension, all pro-life candidates as extremists.

Who are the real extremists?

Far from being labeled an extremist, Mourdock is to be commended for upholding the humanity of children conceived in rape. God's words to the prophet Jeremiah belong to these children, too, as they do to all of us: "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." Of course God knows and loves these children, innocently conceived in violence. [Continue reading . . . »]

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Yet Another Ambulance at Yet Another Abortion Clinic

Posted by Matt Yonke on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Ambulance at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, ILSadly, we bring you another in the long string of ambulances at abortion clinics this year.

This incident took place at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois. I'll let sidewalk counselor Joe B. tell the story in his own words:

On Saturday October 13, 2012, while sidewalk counseling, I and several others observed an Aurora Fire Department ambulance arrive with its emergency lights on at about 12:50 pm at Planned Parenthood 3051 E. New York Avenue. [Continue reading . . . »]

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Candlelight Vigil Marks Five Years of Pro-Life Ministry in Aurora, IL

Posted by Matt Yonke on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
Candlelight vigil at Planned Parenthood Aurora

Fr. Thomas Milota leads pro-lifers in prayer at Planned Parenthood [Photo by Matt Yonke]

As the sun set on Monday, October 1, pro-lifers gathered outside Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois to mark the fifth anniversary of the day the "Abortion Fortress" opened its doors.

Candles were lit and the faithful came together to mourn the babies and mothers hurt by abortion as well as to thank God for his ongoing kindness to the pro-life movement in our struggle against this facility.

Aurora Megacenter Opened Under Cloud of Deception

In 2007, Planned Parenthood brought the facility to Aurora under a cloud of secrecy and outright deceit. They brought in a front company to buy the property and oversee construction and they outright lied to the Aurora City Council saying it would be a general, multi-tenant medical facility and that they didn't know who their tenants would be. [Continue reading . . . »]

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Sixth Year of Protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora Begins

Posted by Eric Scheidler on Friday, August 24th, 2012

It was six years ago on August 25, 2007 that the first protest was held at the site of Planned Parenthood's massive abortion facility in Aurora, Illinois. Pro-lifers had already been praying at the site for weeks, beginning shortly after it was learned the building—represented to city officials as a multi-use medical office—would house one of the largest abortion clinics in the country.

A protest has been held on the third Saturday of every month since Planned Parenthood opened their doors in Aurora later that fall. This past Saturday, August 18, the sixth year of of these protests began with a great turnout. These protests will continue until Planned Parenthood shuts its doors in Aurora for good.

Joining us this month was Lynda Weis, and Aurora resident and amateur photographer, who took some great shots of the protest:

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Home for Teen Moms Makes Headlines

Posted by Matt Yonke on Monday, May 7th, 2012

Residents of MHFVA local maternity home the League has supported made the Aurora Beacon News today with its stories of hope for pregnant teens.

Maternity Homes of the Fox Valley (MHFV) opened their doors in Aurora, Illinois last September and the League was there because the project was in part a response to the League's epic battle with Planned Parenthood over their deceptive entry into Aurora with the first of their abortion "mega-mills".

Since then, MHFV have been making it easier for teen moms in bad situations to choose life for their babies and we've been privileged to partner with them.

It's great to see MHFV getting the recognition they deserve for their work. Here's hoping the operation continues to provide hope and alternatives for years to com. Check out their website for more details about their unique method for helping girls in need.

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Naperville Approves IVF Clinic; League Won't Abandon Its Victims

Posted by Matt Yonke on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Last night, after more than two hours of public comment, the City Council of Naperville, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, voted 7-2 to approve the construction of the Naperville Fertility Clinic at Benton and Washington Streets on the north side of the city's posh downtown.

In March, I was part of a group of concerned citizens who spoke out against both the moral and zoning related problems related to the IVF clinic, as covered by the Chicago Sun Times. We came to bring a simple message: IVF involves the freezing and destruction of human beings in the earliest stages of life, and that is not a stain that we want to see on downtown Naperville.

IVF Doc Insists Issue Is Not Religion—Then Gives Lecture on Religion

Dr. Randy Morris was the first to speak last night. Contrary to his claims at the previous meeting that his clinic had nothing to do with religion, Dr. Morris came with a cadre of people from the inter-religious group One Naperville, including a number of people who had undergone IVF treatments with Dr. Morris or elsewhere. [Continue reading . . . »]

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