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Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Rep: Hospitals Are Dangerous

Posted by Matt Yonke on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
Swedish Hospital, Seattle

Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington

A strange story emerges out of Seattle, brought to our attention by Catholic blogger Mark Shea, that finds Planned Parenthood pitted against their longtime allies at the National Organization for Women (NOW) as well as the hospital establishment.

Swedish Health Services, a secular healthcare organization, and Providence Health & Services, a Catholic healthcare organization, have tried over the last decade to find a way to join forces to provide the best possible medical services at Seattle's Swedish Hospital. A detailed account of the situation can be found here.

They're poised to come to a historic agreement that would allow both organizations to do the most good for everyone, but controversy has crept in because, as part of the agreement, Swedish is committing to not perform elective abortions.

NOW is in an uproar that any hospital anywhere would dare to not provide abortions. But Planned Parenthood is actually excited about the move. Why? Why else: money.

You see, to appease the anger of Seattle's quite vocal liberal populace over its decision to cease performing elective abortions, Swedish is helping to underwrite the costs of a new Planned Parenthood facility in Seattle, supposedly built to handle the scads of women who will be turned away when the new policies are implemented.

Planned Parenthood Lashes Out at Hospitals

But in the face of such a gift at the hands of the hospital establishment, Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest CEO Chris Charbonneau inexplicably lashes out at hospitals for infringing on their abortion turf. From the Seattle Times:

Swedish should never have been doing those things [abortions] in a hospital, anyway. We have really perfected the office procedure. When you take people into a hospital, you add a level of complications and danger, unnecessarily medicalizing the procedure and typically making it more expensive.

But wait, why is Planned Parenthood lashing out at hospitals like this? For years the abortion industry has been telling us that it's imperative that abortion be moved back into mainstream medical institutions like hospitals and private practice and out of freestanding, single-purpose clinics.

This New York Times article from last year documents that very cry.

And now Planned Parenthood is claiming that hospitals are somehow the problem, inserting complication and danger into their pet procedure.

PP Knocks the Very Hospitals Where They Send Their Mistakes

As usual, there's an obvious duplicity in Planned Parenthood's statements. They claim they've perfected the quick in-and-out abortion, but they also claim to give the most attentive and loving patient care.

They claim that hospital abortions are somehow more dangerous than abortions at their facilities, but these hospitals are the very places where Planned Parenthood regularly rushes their clients when they botch the procedure, like in the dozens of separate 911 calls to Planned Parenthood and other freestanding clinics shown in the video playlist below:

Obviously, abortion is a horrible evil whether it's performed at a hospital or a free-standing facility run by Planned Parenthood or anyone else, but Planned Parenthood's hubris is too glaring not to point out, especially in the face of all the victims of their shoddy medical practice as seen in the videos above.

Hospitals Are Safer, But PP Doesn't Get a Cut of the Action

The cognitive dissonance is obvious on the face of Planned Parenthood's claim that they're safer than hospitals. How could a woman possibly be safer undergoing surgery in a freestanding clinic not equipped to handle complications than she would be in a state of the art hospital with specialists available at a moment's notice?

She couldn't, and she isn't. But we've known for years now that Planned Parenthood want's to be Abortion Inc., the "LensCrafters of family planning", and they want every single abortion dollar for themselves. It's the same reason they've begun to force all their affiliates to perform abortions and why they've been consolidating into huge abortion mega-centers instead of smaller centers where patients receive more individualized care.

It's also why they've been running mom-and-pop abortion clinics out of business and why they've fought tooth and claw to protect every dollar of their government funding despite having donors with pockets deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Every PP Lie Brings Us Closer to Revealing the Truth

But, in the end, I'm happy when a Planned Parenthood spokesman says something so patently untrue. It's one more chink in their armor, one more example of their deceitful business practices and one step closer to the day we shut them down for good.

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