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Pics from the Amazing Grace Dinner

Posted by JT on Friday, September 21st, 2007

tent-small.jpgThe 'Amazing Grace' dinner in Aurora's Wheatland Community Park was a great success, and very motivational to everyone there! The people, food, entertainment and speakers all made for an optimistic and exciting atmosphere – and the final speeches by David Bereit and Eric Scheidler did a fantastic job of firing up the crowd to pray and battle even harder against Planned Parenthood!

Here are some pics from the event, along with a short write-up on what took place:

boy-rose.jpgSeptember 20, 2007

With a federal court victory earlier in the day, what was slated as a volunteer appreciation dinner served instead as a small celebration and a reminder that there is still much work to be done in Aurora. Hundreds filled the Wheatland Community Park in Aurora, IL to give thanks and praise to God and to the volunteers of the Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood. The mood was upbeat and optimistic, with constant talk of that morning’s federal court decision that keeps the nearby Planned Parenthood abortion clinic closed for now. But an equally constant message was circulating – that the struggle against Planned Parenthood is still underway, and numerous battles await local pro-lifers in the days, weeks, and months following this temporary victory.

roger.jpgThe Paul Avers Band provided musical entertainment in the opening hours of the event. Eric Scheidler of the Pro Life Action League then introduced Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen, who urged the crowd to vote for pro-life candidates, in both local and national elections.  Jim Oberweis was also on hand to serve up ice cream to the crowd. The night was capped by speaker David Bereit, founder of the ’40 Days for Life’ Campaign, who has recently traveled across the country to inspire pro-lifers into action. He gave a rousing talk, informing the crowd that the entire nation has been following and is inspired by our fight against Planned Parenthood. David stated that our victories in Aurora could serve as a “tipping point” in the nation-wide struggle against Planned Parenthood, and called on everyone to pray and fight even harder to rid Aurora of Planned Parenthood and defend life.






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2 Responses to “Pics from the Amazing Grace Dinner”

  1. Laurie Paulson says:

    It was fantastic! I arrived a little late—I was in Chicago to hear this great news first hand–thank you, Judge Norgle! I had other personal appointments to attend to including driving back down to make sure my dog got let out to go to the bathroom! I can sometimes get so carried away -I happen to neglect my own obligations of family and furry responsibilities! But let me assure you–great people fighting this cause–I am there every step of the way! I am torn with not being able to speak up at the city council meeting this Tuesday as we are leaving for Florida today–but let me assure you as my husband goes to his business meetings down there I will be conducting Pro-Life business of my own and recruiting any Floridians to come join us at the vigil! –including Governor Judd Bush if need be! (I think he's still Governor) and I am certain he shares his Brother George's view on the LIFE issue if not he will by the time I'm done speaking to him–alright enough–I need to get to church TODAY and hopefully stop in at the vigil to offer my last prayer at Ground Zero til Wednesday when we return! Don't be afraid to hold Mr. Weisner and the other great leaders of this great city to their responsibilites to uphold the citizens of Aurora's rights including FREEDOM of SPEECH even if it goes til 4am! I applaud Alderwoman Stephanie Kifowit (sp?) –she sent me a personal note saying she voted in favor of ALL people being given the chance to voice their opinions! KUDOS to her! It was a response to the fact I was #11 on the list to speak and because I have moved to Plainfield recently I was not allowed to speak because ofthe ridiculous cap of three hours–don't they realize that is unconstitutional?! Anyway–I was a good citizen (my opinion)for 41 years and very proud of being an Auroran til I ran for the very seat my father occupied for 20 years! I said things as they were and the mayor at the time and nameless others did not agree with my blatent honesty–thus my decision to pull from the race! Nonetheless, I am back to fight for Aurora so I can tell my new son Jakob what a great hometown –Aurora is for his Mommy and not an Auschwitz(SP?) of Planned Parenthood's KILLING FORTRESS!



    Laurie Meisch-Paulson

    September 23rd, 2007 at 9:00 am
  2. NoboxyInconee says:

    You don't really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y'all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don't wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

    October 30th, 2007 at 2:56 pm

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