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Candlelight Vigil Lights Up Night

Posted by Roger on Saturday, September 8th, 2007


Last night's Candlelight Vigil drew 300 – 400 people to peacefully and lovingly pray. It was a wonderful sight to behold: the candles illuminating the night, the people gathering for the cause of life, the prayers raising to our Almighty Father interceding for those who can not as of yet speak. Rather than tell you about it, here are some of the prayers that were prayed.

"Lord, I pray today for every unborn child. The beauty of the bodies and souls of these children flows from your hands and your eternal plan. Awaken in every human conscience a profound reverence for human life, and grant us grace to defend our smallest and most defenseless brothers and sisters, those still being formed in the secret places of their mothers' womb. Amen."

"Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them." Psalm 139:16
"God, forgive us when we try to explain away the obligation we have to help others who need help. Enable us to not devalue them because they are in the circumstance that they are in, but to see them for what they are, those, who like us, were formed by your hand in their mother's womb. Amen"

These prayers are from the Ecumenical Prayer for Life booklet that was used at the vigil and where adapted from the 30 Days for Life: A Prayer Devotional.


Here's some video from the evening.

(Photos and Video courtesy of JT Eschbach)

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11 Responses to “Candlelight Vigil Lights Up Night”

  1. JT Eschbach says:

    FYI, I posted a bunch of pics as a slide show at the top of my page:

    Video coming tonight (hopefully)



    September 8th, 2007 at 6:33 pm
  2. Eileen Peterson says:

    We are with you in prayer. Just so you know, nothing comes up, the page is blank when you click on

    God Bless You Wonderful Witness for LIFE!

    September 8th, 2007 at 6:44 pm
  3. Net says:

    Eileen … the site takes a spell to load and I think I remember scrolling down a bit after getting on. Anyway, I saw the pictures, JT, and they are really nice. You must have some slick equipment to get these images. I surely passed you in the street a couple times is my guess as my husband and I were there too and we're almost done with our video although we don't have too many images. (I do NOT have the slick equipment and it was dark.) Got a really strange/unusual picture of their sign though. I like it … it depicts who they are really well.

    September 9th, 2007 at 12:24 am
  4. JT Eschbach says:

    Well I finally posted the video. You can see it right under the pictures on the page:

    You can also access the video directly here:

    Net, let me know when you post your video and I will add it to my site! :) Want to see that unusual image of their sign…


    September 9th, 2007 at 1:20 am
  5. Mike says:

    Here's another link to JT's VIDEO of the Candlelight Vigil 9/7/07…


    September 9th, 2007 at 9:07 pm
  6. JT Eschbach says:

    Yes, and the video is on my site too.. you can see it right under the pictures on the page:

    I also posted last night's video from Fox News… I think they did a nice job of explaining the PP mentality in a 5 minute clip.

    Net, let me know where you posted your video and I will add it to my site! Want to see that unusual image of their sign…


    September 10th, 2007 at 9:21 am
  7. JT Eschbach says:

    Net, I just saw the video on your site — very nice!

    September 10th, 2007 at 9:24 am
  8. Net says:

    Thanks JT for the compliment on our Candlelight Vigil video … I'll leave a link here to it for others so they can see it as well.

    Prayers continue always! God save this world … please!

    September 10th, 2007 at 10:35 am
  9. Net says:

    Curt Jester just posted a picture (of "the building") I took at the Candlelight Vigil … here's the link …

    September 10th, 2007 at 3:38 pm
  10. Net says:

    JT, Curt Jester also posted a link to the taping you did of the segment on Hannity's America and I'm getting "hits" … this is AWESOME. Thanks so much for the taping. Fabulous!

    September 10th, 2007 at 3:46 pm
  11. The League at Ground Zero « Pro-Life Hotline says:

    [...] "Candlelight Vigil Lights Up Night" —FVFAPP website, 9-8-07 [...]

    October 16th, 2013 at 3:30 pm

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